Noteworthy Cases



Investment professional charged by Feds with $15 million in Securities fraud.


CEO charged with $19 million credit card laundering scheme.


National Guard soldiers charged in recruitment scheme.


Gang member fatally shot while holding infant daughter.


Feds charge former cop in four murders.


Feds approve death penalty for retired cop in quadruple homicide.


Federal correctional officer charged with smuggling for Government’s star witness.


NYC Attorney charged with tax fraud.


Members of the Goonies charged with murder and Racketeering.


Innocent 13 year old girl killed in gang shooting crossfire.


Chris Cornell stalker arrested outside Louisville concert.


Rival street gangs charged in 3 murders.


Mafia style assassination of mobster at McDonald’s drive thru.


Hit squad hired to take out reputed Bonanno mobster.


Victims seek justice against Nxivm sex cult leader.


Small Chinatown community bank acquitted of all mortgage fraud charges.


Cop arrested in plot to kill husband allowed to speak to son.


Nicki Minaj’s brother charged in rape of minor.