scalesDiaz & Moskowitz PLLC is a boutique law firm that specializes in trial and appellate level criminal and family law matters. John is a former Manhattan prosecutor that practices in the areas of federal and state criminal defense. Hani was an attorney with the Legal Aid Society in their family law division and focuses on trial litigation and appellate practice.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of professional services. We understand that each client has their own set of circumstances and issues they must navigate during difficult times and that the outcomes of their cases will have long-lasting collateral consequences.

We pride ourselves on advising our clients not through just the legal labyrinth that they will endure, but also attempt to guide them through the important decisions they will have to make during their cases.

Decisions regarding your life, liberty, and family are the most important decisions you can ever make in your life and when the justice system threatens to take any of those things away, you need to consult with attorneys that will provide you with an honest assessment and analysis of your case. We make your problem our own and spare no effort in our pursuit of justice in your case.



Family Law John Diaz and Hani Markowitz Family Lawl Attorneys New YorkGeneral Law

The attorneys at Diaz & Moskowitz PLLC have assisted numerous clients over the years in a broad range of legal issues dealing with criminal law, in addition to:

  • Accident and personal injury law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business law
  • Family law
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Real estate

We have always provided an honest assessment of legal issues to our clients and have never exaggerated the prospect of certain legal outcomes nor minimized the consequences when guiding them through complex decisions. We understand that even the smallest legal issue can have long-lasting and unintended consequences and we take our time to understand our client’s needs and work hard to serve those interests.

Family Law John Diaz and Hani Markowitz Family Lawl Attorneys New YorkFamily Law

Family Law, also called matrimonial law, is an area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations.

Family Law encompasses matters such as:

  • Marriage Civil unions & Domestic partnerships
  • Divorce & Annulment
  • Property settlements
  • Alimony, Child custody and visitation, and child support
  • Adoption & Surrogacy;
  • Child protective proceedings
  • Court proceedings that may result from state intervention in cases of
  • child abuse
  • child neglect
  • Paternity

Criminal Law John Diaz and Hani Markowitz Criminal Attorneys New YorkCriminal Law

Being charged with a crime can have significant repercussions and collateral consequences even if the charges do not result in a criminal conviction. An individual can be charged with either a felony (penalty can include over a year in prison) or a misdemeanor (punishable by less than one year in prison) and authorities can legally exclude you from your own home and confiscate your property. The Government or state is required to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and there are numerous constitutional rights that may be exploited in the defense of an individual facing criminal charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney at the inception of a case can greatly influence the eventual outcome and increase the chances of a favorable disposition. Likewise, an attorney that is not informed on the intricate nature of federal and state law and regulations and on the nuances of dealing with law enforcement agencies can do irreparable harm to a criminal defendant’s case.